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Tile and Grout Services

Tile Services in DFW

Tile is a lovely, long-lasting alternative to carpet and hardwood flooring that pulls a home together. While tile may improve the appearance of your space, it also, over time, may chip or not be as clean as it once was. With any surface, foot traffic causes wear and tear over time. Tile floor, over time, can chip or accumulate dirt and debris in the grout, altering the appearance of the tile. That's why masterpiece tile and grout specializes in tile and grout repairs and restorations. Give us a call today to schedule your tile and grout cleaning services & damaged tile replacement.

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Tile & Grout Services DFW 

Residential and Commercial

  • Re-grouting

  • Caulking or Re-caulking

  • Grout Cleaning

  • Grout Sealing

  • Grout Recoloring

  • Tile Replacement or Patchwork

  • Grout Repair or Replacement

  • Tile & Grout Installation

  • Cleaning and Sealing of Natural Stone

  • Minor Wall Repair 

  • Tile Protective Coating Application 

  • Natural Stone Restoration, Polishing, and Resurfacing 

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